Please shoot me

if you ever catch me using these words/phrases:

maneurisms“…that is, a mispronunciation of “mannerisms” confused with “aneurism.” I’ve only heard this used once, and it was shocking and appalling. Painful, actually. How would you even define such a word?

I don’t care to…” Do you not mind, or do you not want to? I’m confused. (this is a southern thing, I think)

irregardless.” Sigh. I hope I don’t need to explain this one.

I could go on and on…” Well, why don’t you? In specifics. No? You can’t remember details? I thought so.

I said all that just to say…” hmm..why didn’t you just say the short version an hour ago?

To make a long story short…” see above.

“Needless to say…” again, see above.

Tremendous!” This is only acceptable when combined with a Plankton voice (from Spongebob).

But anyway…” this is only irritating when used more than three times in one sentence.

Like I said…” If what you’re about to say is just like you said a minute ago, I probably don’t need/want to hear it again.

There are lots more, I’m sure…these are just some that come to mind at the moment. Stay tuned for updates. 😉

One thought on “Please shoot me

  1. Hey, Brooke …

    Did you ever notice that the talking heads — commentators on hot topics you see on TV … especially the ones who work on Capitol Hill … almost always say “Look” as their lead-in to whatever they wish to say. You can assume that the NEXT word (though implied, not spoken) that comes right AFTER the “Look,” would be “idiot” … as in “Look, idiot, … let me clue you in on something …” Isn’t that the intention of the word, or at least it used to be. “Look, I’ve told you a million times … blah, blah, blah.” The guy who really made this a popular lead-in when expressing his superior knowledge about anything he had to say about anything is Prez O’bummer. It’s interesting how many times he has prefaced his opinions with that condescending word, “Look.” And now everybody’s doing it. I heard a congressman use the word at least 15 times in a 2-minute interview.

    Sigh. Look, I’m getting tired of being talked down-to by a head on a screen. I am not an idiot.


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