Homeschool 101.. Where Do I Start?!


Where do I start?!

Pray for direction! Trust the Lord to lead you daily! Then, check out the following:

  • The Home School Legal Defense Association website, detailing the legal requirements for homeschooling or home education in your state.

What’s my homeschooling style? ….

Charlotte Mason websites and resources:

Classical style websites and resources:

Literature-based home education:(This often overlaps with other styles such as Classical and Charlotte Mason. Also, while others may not be considered ‘Literature-based,’ most curricula include their own list of recommended literature.)

Traditional style websites and resources:

Delight-Centered/Delight-Directed/Unschooling websites and resources:

Other styles and approaches:*

*Eclectic style homeschooling simply combines any of the various styles above; most people fit into this category.

What curriculum should I use?

  • A comprehensive list of all (or nearly all) home education curricula available, with attention to teaching/learning styles, time required, and extent of parent involvement.
  • 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum by Cathy Duffy
  • Parents’ reviews on many curricula, organized by category and subject
  • Many curricula have discussion groups here; membership required. Very helpful when trying to decide which is best for your family. Search groups for the name of the curriculum, or homeschooling style.

Alright, I’ve decided on my curriculum; Where can I buy it?

  • Wide selection, reliable shipping.
  • Free economy shipping for orders above $50
  • $4.95 shipping/Free shipping for orders above $95
  •* Be sure to check out used copies; you can also re-sell yours here.
  •* Buy and re-sell used curricula here.
  • Free membership; discounts depend on how many buyers participate. Good deals!
  •* Hard-to-find books and past editions of textbooks found here
  •* Many homeschooling materials can be bought and sold used at various yahoo email groups. Yahoo membership required. You can also join yahoo groups for support, Q&A, and tips for using many curricula.
  • There are many resale groups on Facebook. Start with Homeschool Curriculum Marketplace. (membership required)

*Resource for used books

What about behavior?

Other tips:

Sometimes the best advice comes from a fellow mom who’s been there.

  • Consider joining a homeschool co-op (cooperative) in your area. This is not for everyone, but it can be an invaluable resource and support. A listing of co-ops and support groups, organized by states, can be found here.
  • A Facebook group can also be a potential source of support for a homeschooler.

How about a list of good books to read to/with my children?

Note: most curriculum companies include lists of recommended literature

How can I organize my day?

Questions? Contact me!

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