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  1. Yes…my point is really a clarification of meaning. If you read the articles, you see that for some, ‘repentance’ doesn’t always involve ‘turning’ as much as just feeling bad for sin. We can get stuck in the ‘guilt’ phase of repentance, reliving the mistakes repeatedly. But the idea of repentance–teshuvah–requires this emphasis of turning TO God, which of necessity involves a definite turning away from sin. What we’re turning TO–the Light of Jesus–so greatly overshadows the filthy darkness in which we had lived. There is much to turn TO, much more than that from which we turn away! When you measure the joy that is set before you against momentary sinful pleasure, there is not contest! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  2. Oh okay. I was just a little confused about the “repentance is a trap, or don’t repent.” I’ve always been taught that repentance literally means to say you’re sorry for your sins and turn from your sins to God. Like in Acts 2:38.. to repent.:) but I totally get what you mean about people repenting and not doing a full 180 turn instead they go back in the same direction as before. Repentance is part of the plan of salvation.. are you just saying that some people don’t truly have a full understanding of repentance?

  3. Yes.. and I tend to be one of those people. 🙂 That is, it’s easy to forget the real meaning of repentance, being quick to regret bad decisions, but slow to change the habit that leads to the sin.

    The main point here, though, is that it is the Light of Jesus that draws us to righteousness and away from sin. When the perspective is correct–that the Light is greater than any darkness, and worth turning to–repentance is authentic and has real, lasting effect.

  4. I get what you mean, and I, myself struggle sometimes to get out of the habits and turning myself around totally. 🙂 Sorry if my earlier comments did not make sense and thanks for responding! I think your blogs & all you do on this are really cool!

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