Don’t Forget to Remember

“The church at large…never has learnt, and never can learn, this truth in such a way as to be beyond the danger of forgetting it…” (C.K. Barrett)

It is always shocking to me how quickly I forget the details in a Bible story, or the reference for a well-known Scripture. …how is this possible? Haven’t I heard the stories enough to remember them?

But consider the meaning of “remember.”

It is the called the Living Word for a reason. We are meant to constantly return to it, ‘sharpening the axe’ (RIP, Stephen Covey), eating it as we do food, recognizing our constant need for it, like a desperate thirst for water. And if we don’t constantly and purposely partake, ingest, and apply….

we forget.

This sobering thought reveals the reason why Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is so central to traditional Jewish life, and why it should be taken seriously by every Christian.We are to constantly repeat the Word of God, talking of it when rising, lying down, going out, coming in, sitting in our home, running errands… Otherwise, the warnings in Deuteronomy 11:16-21 come to pass, as they did for Israel.

“Remember” comes from the Latin word rememorari meaning “to recall to the mind” or “be mindful of again.” This is an active term, one that requires effort. Remembering doesn’t just happen to someone–it is a purposeful act.

When we learn a new memory verse in our little homeschool, we Read, Rehearse (read aloud), add Rhythm, and Repeat. And Repeat. And Repeat again. This is the only way to keep it firmly planted in little hearts (and big ones, too). πŸ™‚

Truth doesn’t happen to is sought and found like treasure, and it is pure, like precious gold. It is daily handled with care, revered, cherished. It is worth the effort.

Don’t forget to remember!

5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Remember

  1. Ha!! I know it. Sometimes it’s feast or famine…or seven years of plenty…whatever. I can’t help myself! πŸ™‚

  2. I love it. I long to say so many of the same things, I just can’t get the point across so articulately and in such a short sermon. My heart races when I read what you write because I just feel Jesus through your words, and I LOVE Jesus.. My heart has never been so full. SHOUT it from the rooftops my sister.. I will stand and SHOUT AMEN and AMEN!!

  3. Scriptures are like toddlers sometimes. You think you have them firmly in hand … and then you turn your back, and they have “toddled” off, and you have to SNATCH them back again! and again … and again.

    Sometimes after “learning” a new verse, I think I have it down … piece o’ cake. And then, the next day, I hardly recognize it! Huh??!? No way around it, I guess: call and recall … learn and relearn … collect and recollect. It’s no wonder that the key word for Deuteronomy (meaning “second law” or “let’s go over this AGAIN!”) is “REMEMBER.” Remember, remember, remember. When we get that, God smiles — don’t you think??

  4. Heather, thank you for your encouragement!!

    Mana, I love that reminder about “Deutero=Second.” Yes, let’s go over it again, and again!

    It reminds me of the natural love of little children to PREFER the same repeated stories over and over…God made us all just that way! And the same dear stories we heard long ago, and the Word itself, never grow old!

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