On studying history..

I am currently in heated pursuit of the best Ancient History curriculum/method/resources for our next homeschool year.

So far, though undecided, I have found treasure:

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach by Robin Sampson. This book has inspired me to take the High Road and teach my children Biblically, as God directed from the beginning. It wisely cautions the Christian homeschooling parent to think twice about throwing all the Greek ‘classics’ (full of humanism) at our children. Whew! Compelling and convicting. (Robin has a lot more to say than this, and it’s all good.) Well worth the read.

This paragraph from Exodus Books was worth sharing:

No one knows for sure what the end of history will look like, except that every knee in heaven and on earth will bow to the returned glorious Christ, who comes to judge the living and the dead. What we believe about Him will determine whether that culmination will be filled with joy or loathing (everyone will be terrified). He is the author of history, and its centerpiece; honor Him in your study of it.

Well put.

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