This just in…New Post found on ancient blog..

So, I haven’t really taken the liberty to post to ye olde blog in almost three years. This you know, because you can look at the dates on the posts below and determine that yourself.

“so, this is worth reading so far,” you yawn..

Hey, humor me and stick around. It’s bound to get interesting…you may in fact learn the secret to the cantaloupe loaf that to this point has eluded you.

But first, let’s catch up.
Since November 11, 2006,

  • the economy has gone decidedly south. Since I live in the south, I should be in the right place..;)
  • I’ve moved. Slightly…20 minutes from the last house, but a bit bigger, with a yard this time, for my growing brood.
  • on that note, we added two to our chicken coop. Joel joined us in March of 2007, and Eliza was born in May of 2009. We now are officially a family of 6 who have no choice but a minivan. (that’s ok with me…I don’t do well with too many choices. Now I know the Lamborghini is out.)
  • DH (Wes) discovered he has a brain tumor: to be removed, Lord willing, Oct 14 of this year.
  • I switched to Mac. YIPPEEEEEEEE is all I have to say about that.
  • I’ve discovered I’m a writer. Not necessarily a good one, mind you, but a writer nonetheless (I feel kinda like Bill Murray in “What About Bob” when he claims to be a sailor). And it feels good to admit it. Now just to funnel those random impulses to write into something worthwhile and marketable… A Children’s Picture Book! About a rabbit who learns a life lesson and a hug at the end! Yeah, that’s fresh and unpredictable! And who needs proper grammar for a kids’ book! They don’t know how to spell or punctuate anyway!

…sigh, I’m discovering it’s a bit more complicated than that. And this writing industry takes a bit (or a lot) of effort to break into. Stands to reason: I don’t want any old publisher with ugly pictures producing my book amongst a flood of others destined for the clearance table. Like Hot Pockets–straight to the toilet (thanks, Jim). So, as I figure out how to navigate this lovely field, I shall blog.

Hello, and welcome. again.

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  1. I love the comparison to Bill Murray. That's exactly how I feel. "Did you see me write? I write. I'm a writer!"

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