“Creak” Goes the Rudder…

…as the ship of American Politics–and therefore the moral direction of our country–shifts dramatically to the left.

In the distance across murky waters, the foreboding silhouette of Hell itself emerges. Dead ahead. (pardon the pun)

The ship churns by a brightly-painted buoy plastered with a cheery sign: “Hell…where everyone’s welcome!”

God forgive those who sit in the crow’s nest (in ‘high places’) and yet allow us to continue forward.

For most of my adult life, it has been a ‘given’ that despite the squeaky wheels like Sheehan and other left-wing reprobates, we still had a conservative majority in America. With a (relative) conservative in the White House and a majority in Congress, I felt that I could still believe in the moral integrity of the average American.

But it seems we have been bought…enough of us to make the difference in this past election, anyway. We have determined that money is more important than human life–or, in the words of this new majority,

“MY life is more important than ANY other’s, including defenseless unborn children”.

A few ear-tickling words from Democrats promising to ‘cut taxes for the middle class’ appeals to that deep-seated greed, and we’re sold. Morals are out the window.
My question here is: what about the so-called ‘Christian majority’ in the US? Where are they? Do they really exist? Or is it the facade of ‘Christianity’ that had us duped? The whited sepulchures that dominated the pew, swaying to the music, nodding and clapping at each crescendo, yet truly hearing none of the words? (see this)

What are the easy-believism preachers thinking now? What good have they done? Bowing to the left, they say that loving your neighbor means allowing him to do whatever he wants…and you automatically have to accept it. And since there is no doctrine left, there is nothing to guide people through lives, or through the polls.

I have to say, this is what we get for being TOO AFRAID TO STAND UP FOR TRUTH. We are too concerned about numbers and pleasing people and padding our pews and making everyone ‘happy’ (despite the fact that only the Holy Ghost can bring true joy), not ruffling feathers, that TRUTH itself has been sacrificed. >shudder<. ..but then, what about the marriage amendment that passed so easily in 10 states (not sure what happened in Arizona)? Dare I hope? Is there yet a flicker of light in the distance? Knowing that Truth always wins, that God’s promises are true, that He holds the future, I am compelled to be optimistic. There must be hope for us yet–otherwise, the Rapture would already have happened. If God sees a reason for preserving our unworthy lives even now, we must find that reason. My hope is that this upset will start a fire beneath all of us to whom morals still matter more than anything…who fear God and strive to keep His commandments.
God help the sleeping ‘conservative majority’…and help us to have the courage to be the Body you have commissioned us to be.

Help us to restore You to the helm of this wayward ship.

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