the Call to Pray

God is calling for intercessors in our day, those who are willing to be different, to lay aside weights, sins, and distraction to seek Him on their faces on behalf of the lost sheep of Israel who await the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah in a thousand places on the planet.

Will you be the one? Will you intercede for those yet in exile, those in bonds, too weak to help themselves? Those who need an Abraham to plead with God for just ten in their city?
You may never meet them in this life, but God can use your prayer to minister to them, intercede where no help can be found.

Abraham could not pray in the Spirit; you can.
Use what you have! This Holy Ghost is the power to subdue the enemy, lay hands on the sick and watch them recover, overcome every fiery dart.. What are we waiting for?? Either He is God, and it is TRUE, or it is all false.

As for me, I KNOW Him to be true.

Church, let’s pray!!

2 Chronicles 7:14

2 thoughts on “the Call to Pray

  1. Our current president has said that the Muslim “call to prayer” is one of the sweetest things he’s ever heard. Well, I have also heard that same sound in the Middle East — it’s eerie, impossible to ignore, and it wakes you up out of a dead sleep. ‘

    But now … it’s a bit “eerie” how some of us have suddenly found ourselves listening … hearing something in our spirit that we’ve never heard before. It seems to be calling us home, to a place where all we want to do is run and fall down in worship at the feet of Jesus … forever. That call, though faint, is impossible for the faithful to ignore, and it is, even now, waking the slumbering out of their sleep. Soul, awake … He’s calling.

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