He speaks

Have you not known? Has it not been told you since the beginning?
Look around you…is there anything in creation like you?
Have you gotten so used to the miraculous that you discard it as common?

I have closed your ears to my Voice
And your eyes to my Face
Because when I did speak
You would not listen.

Wash yourself! Make yourself clean!
Put away the filthiness, the incessant consumption of vanity,
The weights and sins and things of the flesh
That are not of Me

I’ve told you the whole Story
You’ve heard it all
Yet you dismiss Me
And fill your life with emptiness instead.

For this, I will leave you empty
Frivolity does not fill a starving belly
Vanity does not satisfy the soul.

I, who speak in thunder from Sinai
And Fire on Carmel
Will not keep silent forever.

Return to me, beloved.

How often I long to wrap my everlasting arms around you
And hide you in the cleft of the Rock
And show you things you do not know!

If only you would seek Me.
My arm is not too short to save,
Nor is my ear deaf to your voice.

I am closer than you know,
Waiting for you to look up.
Urging you to listen
Speaking to you in stillness,
Leaving my mark on everything around you
Just to remind you
That I’m here.

That I long for you
Like a mother longs for her estranged child
Like a young widower pines for his wife

The feverish labor to heap to yourself material things
Will never satisfy.
One drink of Living Water will quench your thirst,
And give you Rest.

Come home
Draw near to me
While I may be found.

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