In search of the Perfect Bread recipe

yes, these are shoes made from bread.

I am a fledgling bread maker, and have yet to find the best recipe/method for perfect whole-wheat sandwich bread.

Any tips?

I do not have a bread machine. I’m not afraid of a little kneading, though it’s not my fave pastime. 🙂

I don’t use shortening or margarine.

In my travels through Breadsylvania thus far, I’ve only gotten as far as Hockey Puck hamlet and Chewy Chapel Downs (that is, my bread has turned out more dense and harder than I hope, and more chewy than I like, for those of you in Rio Linda). 😉

So, all of you out there in radioland who have the secret map to the holy grail of breadmaking,

Lay it on me! 🙂

2 thoughts on “In search of the Perfect Bread recipe

  1. What??!! You never asked for MY bread recipe?? Well, Aunt Jeri’s, anyway. The perfect combination of whole wheat-and-white, moistened with milk and sweetened with a touch of honey, and that bakes up in three perfectly-browned loaves that you butter up as soon as they exit the oven!!! You remember … I used to make them EVERY WEEK OF YOUR YOUNG LIFE! And they smell so good in the oven, we even sold a HOUSE whilest baking a batch one day! Well, sniff … even though you haven’t asked, I might still share the recipe. MIGHT!! Oops, I think you already have it. :oD (use it-you’ll love it.)

  2. I don’t have any bread recipes that don’t involve a bread machine, but I applaud your desire to bake it from scratch! About a year and a half ago I realized I was allergic to wheat so I’m currently experimenting with recipes for gluten-free bread. I feel your pain! It’s terribly hard to be so dissatisfied with the bread you buy at the store, yet not be able to produce something that tastes any better.

    Good luck! Hope you find something awesome. In general, I like Have had good luck with many variations of different recipes.

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