Things I learned today

  • That it is indeed possible to duplicate (or closely imitate) Cracker Barrel pancakes. A word of caution, however: they are probably about a bazillion calories each….but uber tasty! 🙂 (my tips: fry them in bacon grease and plenty o’ butter for the salty/crispy edges, use real buttermilk, and let the batter rest for about 30 min.)
  • That an impending life event can actually be a de-motivator…yeah, that means I didn’t get much done today. Oh, well.
  • That Winston Churchill wrote a lot. And well. His “Inside of the Cup” series (Vol 1-7) is strinkingly good. So insightful. (I’m only on Vol 2, so don’t quote me on 3-7 yet.)
  • That there really is no place to find decent (little girls’) tights for cheap. $10.50?? Really, Gap, you’re being a little greedy. They’re plain, black tights.

So now, haunted by a cluttered closet and piles of laundry, with an early morning before me, I bid you Adieu…or Guten Abend for those with Germanic preferences.

I leave you with a ponderable quote:

“Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”
–Winston Churchill

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