But what if..

“You’re just pretending to be strong, when it could’ve been worse–and then what would u say? You’d probably fold if things were worse.”

I always find myself in peril the moment I try to argue hypothetically.

“What if you lived in the backwoods of Nepal and no doctor was around, and you had a second big toe growing on your right foot, and your elbows were inverted, and you had to cook with your back to the firepit, and you lost your balance on your new big toe, fell backwards into the fire and suffered third-degree burns…would you trust God THEN?”

Yes, it could be worse, yes it could be easier. But this is what it is. And this is how I shall react. Yes, it could have been cancer, but praise God it’s not. Yes, it could’ve been a simple sinus infection, but it’s not, and praise God anyway. We could treat it as nothing, but it isn’t. It’s serious. We could over-dramatize it, but we won’t.

The fact is, God is good, and He is our Comforter, and our peace. It is His perspective from which He would have us to see this. From His vantage point, this is not accidental, not without forethought, and not unto death, but for His glory and His purpose. He can handle the details just fine. Our job is to trust Him.

And that we do.

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