A hardworking family member

This is the one tool in the kitchen that is always clean, and is lovingly placed back in its special spot next to the pizza cutter, each and every time it is used. From Pampered Chef, it is the only ice cream scoop you will ever need.

You’re welcome. 😉

One thought on “A hardworking family member

  1. Amen!! and again I say, Amen!! This IS truly the ice cream scoop like no other. As anyone who hates scooping rock-hard ice cream as much as me will attest, trying to carve nice round balls of icy concrete always and again gives credence to why it is called “I SCREAM!!” Who likes little shaves of ice cream with droplets of sweat dripped over it anyway?? Well … the Pampered Chef model you gave me is the bestest of the best!! It works!! No matter how cold the ‘cream, it scoops easily and neatly without any moaning, groaning, or perspiring. Thank you, Brooke, you professional scooper/barista, you … you knew and you shared. Bless you!

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