the best investment

I can be rather selfish with my time. I tend to prefer not to commit to anything until I feel like it’s either absolutely necessary, or just that great of an idea to spend that much time on.

The drawback in this quirk of mine is that sometimes, having been noncommittal about whether I plan to do ‘x’, I’ve made no other plans either, and end up spending time on nothing.

It’s like the twenty in your pocket that gets whittled down into a dollar and you have no recollection of how it all got spent.

But if you had made plans for that twenty before leaving it in your pocket and proceeding with your day, it might have gone to something useful. It might have been invested in something worthy, which might have brought a return down the road.

Even greater, I’m convinced, is the value of time. If I decide not to commit to spending two hours studying, those two hours are likely to be splintered into fragments of random nothings…internet fluff, daydreaming, magazine thumbing. And now, I’m two hours poorer.

God, please help me to remember that today is fleeting…that you can’t bless what I’m not doing, and that an investment of time is the most valuable one I can make.

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