2 thoughts on “Truth and originality

  1. Brooke,
    I am so glad I was surfing the web tonight and landed on your blog page. “You are what you eat” was really good, and it is what I was pondering tonight. We just got back from Wisconsin last Wednesday morning. While we were up in Eau Claire, I read a book I found in Grandma’s bathroom (probably in there from your mom’s last visit). It was “I dared to call Him Father”. Anyway the story was about a Muslim woman from Pakistan who had converted to Christianity. It was a remarkable story, but what gripped me was this woman’s sensitivity to the Spirit of God. In recounting her story, she told how she could clearly sense the displeasure of the Lord when she stepped in the wrong direction, which caused her to immediately seek the Lord as to how to correct her actions. All that to say this…..I also want to become more and more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Earlier tonight I had been flipping through the TV channels and paused to watch a movie for awhile, which afterwards I regretted. Then even more after reading your blog on wasting time with entertainment which does not edify.

    So thank you for taking the time to write your blog. It was a good thing for me to read tonight.

    I love you and wish we could see you and Wes and all the kiddies. We are praying for Wes. Healing and a wall of protection. God is mighty to save.

    Aunt Jeri

  2. Great read, Brooke! and it’s nice to read what Jeri said, too. It’s amazing how a “chance read” can change your life. Even an article in a magazine that you wouldn’t otherwise pick up … it picks YOU up and plants you in another space with a different outlook. Or when the Lord drops an idea in your head, and then … lo, and behold, you find something someone has written that speaks to the exact same revelation. Amazing! And nothing is by chance. God puts gems all around us … imagine if we found them ALL!! How rich our lives would be!

    Keep writing. It’s all good.


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