Wednesday night on the way home from church, I decided to take a different route. Our usual way was backed up by construction, so I took the opportunity to drive down some back roads. Some I’d taken before, and some not.

I had my GPS in hand and followed the map. I knew technically where we were, though it looked unfamiliar.

My three-year-old said, “Mommy, this is not the way home! We have to turn around!”

I assured him I knew what I was doing, but he was adamant.
“Mommy, we’re going the wrong way!”

A few more times, I reminded him “Trust mommy! Mommy knows.”

It did take a little longer than I expected, and the sky was growing dim, and I even had to turn around once after taking a wrong turn, but by the map I found my way.

It was not until he saw the lights of our street that he was satisfied. He didn’t trust that mommy knew what she was doing.

As He so faithfully does, God used this to remind me of something.
I have repeatedly found myself in a spiritual place where I’ve questioned, “Why am I here? Am I going the wrong direction? Should I have turned back there? If only I was the one driving the car…” (heaven forbid.)

I do not realize that unlike the mommy driver, my Driver knows every road, every bump, every hairpin turn, every rough spot.

“…He knoweth the way that I take…” (Job 23:10)

And as long as I don’t eject myself out of my secure seat, I can trust Him to keep me safe and to get me where I need to be…Home.


..the averting of one’s focus from the God of the Law to the Law itself.

It is Jesus who saves, and His salvation is personal, direct. It is not a business transaction, where one racks up enough ‘obedience points’ to make it to heaven.

If heaven is my goal, and not Jesus, I might have grown a bit cold in my love for Him and shifted my gaze to what I get out of the exchange.

Another last word about ‘legalism’…it’s the war cry of many who want no rules, no guidelines, no limits. God is a God of limits, for our own good. What good shepherd lets his sheep wander without sheepfold, without crook and staff?

So with this in mind, I leave the subject of legalism. I’d rather not focus on the blind spot…much better to walk in the light, with my eyes on Jesus.