Everyone a Homeschooler

It has little to do with academics. The three ‘R’s of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic may never be discussed. Scheduling is variable, sometimes nonexistent, curriculum often ignored, college degrees are irrelevant, and lesson prep is the furthest thing from your mind. Nevertheless,


You are a homeschooler. Every parent is.


When one discusses a child’s education, questions like the following are asked: … (more…)

Homeschool 101.. Where Do I Start?!


Where do I start?!

Pray for direction! Trust the Lord to lead you daily! Then, check out the following:

  •  hslda.org The Home School Legal Defense Association website, detailing the legal requirements for homeschooling or home education in your state.

What’s my homeschooling style? ….



Fault…a deep crack in the earth revealing instability beneath. Rough places, breaches in the surface where the rock below has been moving in contradictory directions…

Faults…breaks in a in a person’s smooth, exterior character that diffuse a distinctly carnal scent. God, help me. I know this subject well.


A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8) …


First things..

“Lord, I know that I need to talk to you first thing in the morning.  But it is so hard for me to wake up…”

This quote (and what followed it) read my mail today. It is Nona Freeman’s ‘Prayer for Night People,’ and it continues with a challenge.

Being a ‘night person,’ guilty of the above confession, I have often been haunted by the words of David, “Early will I seek Thee..”

Are you ready to pray this prayer with me?
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Don’t Forget to Remember

“The church at large…never has learnt, and never can learn, this truth in such a way as to be beyond the danger of forgetting it…” (C.K. Barrett)

It is always shocking to me how quickly I forget the details in a Bible story, or the reference for a well-known Scripture. …how is this possible? Haven’t I heard the stories enough to remember them?

But consider the meaning of “remember.”


Read this book!

“Have you ever wondered if this is it? Is this true Christianity? Am I as close to God as I can be until I reach Heaven?”

This book chronicles the path of a faithful Baptist couple who found that there was MORE God had to offer them. It is drawn from the personal journal of a woman who sought God herself and was surprised to find what awaited her. And it had been there in the Scriptures all along!

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Find it Here, or Here.

The Way of the Rechabite

Jeremiah chapter 35. Jerusalem.

The threat of invading Chaldeans is heavy in the air, and ‘weeping prophet’ Jeremiah is pleading in vain with the people of Judah to abandon their idols and return to God.

God speaks to Jeremiah:

“Assemble all the men from the clan of the Rechabites in a room in the Temple. Bring wine, and tell them to drink it.”

Jeremiah obeys. He sets the jugs of wine and cups in front of them. He says, “Drink.”

“But we can’t.”

is the unanimous reply.



I came across a great post today on The Master’s Artist (see my blogroll). While it is about writing, to me it spoke more about the idea of work. Rather than spoil the effect by telling you too much, I will let you read it for yourself..

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